• Branded Workspaces

    Branding is in the heart of the corporate identity. Through a series of tools that we developed, and through creatively using the various design disciplines that we master, we create branded workspaces that convey the corporate D.N.A. Branded workspaces create better brand awareness for the clients, and increase the company's value in the eyes of investors. Internally, branded spaces have shown to increase workers overall satisfaction, retention, productivity and morale, and helped workers better assimilate the organization's values.


    Using a special work process, we identify the core D.N.A that is unique to the client and apply it to create a tangible experience. Throughout the process we create 2D and 3D sketches, computer renderings and models, to create branding that serves the company, its vision and its employees, using the creative tools that are available to us: architecture, interior design, custom furniture design and graphic design.

  • Test Case: Boeing

    Boeing is the world's largest aerospace company and is widely recognized as the world's largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners. Its brand values are innovation and precision, and these values are apparent in every detail in its Israel offices.

    The use of glass and open views create a wide and open space reminiscent of an airport of sorts. Curved lines imply progress and innovation. Near the entrance lobby, a wall with rounded windows, similar to those of passenger planes display various aircraft models. More models are proudly displayed throughout the offices.

  • Test Case: Check Point

    We developed unique branded workspaces for Check Point's 7- branches that are spread around the globe. The company's management wanted to make employees and clients alike feel at home, especially those moving around different branches, so it was crucial for the company to create a coherent look, using similar elements throughout the different branches.

    The branding elements repeat in variations on all planning levels - from the division of the office space between public and private functions, through public conference rooms, kitchen and an open "Work Cafe" where quick business meetings can be held, and all the way to meticulous design of the workstations themselves. The workstations were especially developed for Check Point using feedback from management and employees, to best fit the company's needs. The workstations are modular and can easily fir different workers with different needs.

    The unified look is reinforced using identical materials and elements in the different branches - flooring, hues, furnishing, woodwork, ceilings, lighting fixtures and more.