• Workplace Strategy

    You expect your employees to think creatively, to concentrate for long periods of time, to meet goals and deadlines and to develop leadership skills, but do you provide them with the optimal working environment?

    The Workplace Strategy methodology is all about creating workspaces that increase employees' overall satisfaction and their commitment to the organization.


    It is now a well-known fact that employees are the most valuable asset of an organization, especially in dynamic fields such as high-tech. The employees' loyalty to an organization can no longer be taken for granted. So if we want to nurture our employees we need to provide them with an inspiring and pleasant work environment. Good working condition don't end with the paycheck or social benefits (that are sometimes bot considered top priority for the workers), and can be achieved by planning an aesthetic, efficient and supportive work environment.


    Nurturing environment, one that takes care of the workers social and emotional needs, and not only provides the basic functions that are needed to perform the job, increases their satisfaction and their motivation to contribute to the organization's success.


    Such environment is created when intelligently combining the organization's values and branding, the management vision and the day to day needs and work patterns of the employees.


    The Workplace Strategy methodology is gaining momentum in organizations worldwide. The method relates to in-depth strategic change in the organization and understanding the long term goals. With this method, an ideal workplace can be designed, one that fits the business requirements and can lead to greater success.


    Upgrading the workplace usually occurs when the offices move to a new location, when organizational changes like mergers take place and when new management steps in and want to renew the space to match their vision. The method is based on close cooperation with all management ranks, and on in depth investigation of needs and requirement with all workers company-wide.


    Optimization of the workplace can start early, sometimes even before the new location has been chosen. The process starts with learning about the organization – the structure, values and goals.


    When the Workplace Strategy is implemented by architects and designers that specialize in utilizing space and recognizing future needs, the process can also result in substantial savings.

  • The Workplace Strategy Process


    Research – The process begins with a thorough study of the organization and by studying the corporate vision.


    Workplace Study – After seeing the organization through the eyes of the management team, we study the day to day work routine and get acquainted with the daily activities and work patterns. Our goal is to assess the main work zones and measure the traffic and movement of the workers, e.g. how many times a worker uses the  kitchenette, in what rooms he/she spends most of their working day and how much time he/she spends in public areas etc.


    Workshops and Focus Groups with a team of employees selected by the management. The discussion goal is to hear from the workers themselves what are the most pleasant places in the workplace, the importance of social interaction and the significance of teamwork for them. Do they have rooms for team gatherings in the middle of the days etc. The workshops are backed by questionnaires that are sent to all employees in order to gather information that represents the whole of the company.


    Interim report is prepared for the organization's management. The report describes the current condition and the needs that arose in the previous stages. Following the interim report, the management can decide if extra focus or information is needed on certain aspects. The planning team then conducts complementary study as needed.


    Final empirical report – The report includes diagrams and tables and display the new Workplace Strategy clearly, and explains how the management and workers see the needed improvements for the future workspace.


    Workers inclusion – For the process to succeed it is very important that the workers participate in it actively.


    Design in line with the organization's goals – Design is an integral part of the Workplace Strategy methodology. A good design conveys the company's values and spirit that come through the organization's vision and branding. When the design matches the company's values, needs and goals the way for improving the business is easily paved.