Our Story

Architecture is about place making; good architecture enhances quality of life. We believe in the power of sustainable, inspiring projects that promote positive change in our lives. Auerbach Halevy have been designing innovative, award winning projects for clients in Israel and abroad.


Founded in 2000 by Ori Halevy (Architect) and Daphna Auerbach-Biran (Engineer), the combined synergy of architecture and engineering evolved from the desire to bridge the conceptual domain of design, light and space, with the disciplines of construction that require precision, calculations, building materials, systems, budgets and schedules.


We continue to be inspired and excited by beauty, by functional clarity, by the essence of a project that starts with an idea and ends with a building. We strive towards being a leading design and planning studio; innovating, adapting new technologies, creating inspirational spaces and healthy work environments. We believe in high quality service and the partners are committed to personal involvement in each and every project.


Auerbach Halevy is a member of Israeli Green Building Council (ILGBC), holds an ISO 9001-2015 certification and is an owner of an exceptional coffee machine.

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About the Studio

We are a team of architects, interior designers, urban planners and engineers that approach each project – small and large – with the enthusiasm as if it was the first. Our team of over 30 experienced professionals has broad know-how in leading complex projects including residential, commercial, offices and industrial and logistics.


Our design work takes us as far as Sydney, San Jose and Singapore. Auerbach Halevy is our extended family, we are devoted to each other as much as we are committed to our projects.  Each year for a few days we take the time to travel together and enjoy a blend of good architecture, nature and a few drinks in fascinating destinations.


Our Philosophy

Collaboration is the sum of our philosophy.

The continuing success of our projects is a result of our strong collaborative approach. We believe in a process of constant learning, always partnering with our clients to absorb their vision, needs and culture. Many variables influence and inform our projects; Site, budget, program and culture – yet through a rigorous process of design we are able to find the hidden potential resulting in crafted, inspiring, signature projects. 




Work Stages


Research – Rigorous analysis of the site, client brief and program lead to a one-off, unique architectural solution. That is why no two of our projects are alike.


Knowledge – We constantly learn from our peers: clients, consultants, architects and other professionals, and in return, we are happy to share our knowledge and experience.


Coordination – Seamless management of design teams is essential in creating high quality, functional building from concept to completion.


Construction documentation – The architect must know how to execute and produce their ideas in the real world. We are proud of  the quality highly detailed, buildable drawings and specifications.




Our Methodology – Total Design


We believe in returning to the architect's role as a leader of the planning team, when defining, coordinating, guidance and control of the entire team of consultants are part of the planning process and chief planner contract.


In this method of work, the architect both leads and supervises the planning team, and ensures a high level of  professionalism and adherence to schedule and to the planning budget.


We assign an experienced design manager that works alongside the architect, who manages the various consultants and reports back to the lead architect and to the contractor regarding project status and overall progress.


We select our consultants from a pool of quality professionals that work with us on a regular basis. The result is timely, coordinated work at no extra cost.