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The offices for this global, well-established company that specializes in data analysis are located in Tel Aviv, overlooking Rothschild Boulevards on one side and on Yehuda Halevy Street on the other. The design concept reflects the character of this mysterious, intriguing company, based in Palo Alto, California, making this office its first branch in Israel. The architectural design corresponds with the company's international profile and its line of business and with the physical location of the offices in the contemporary heart of Tel Aviv. The design exposes the inside of the office space to the surrounding urban environment, by introducing a peripheral view of the city's skyline, framing selective bird-eye views of the urban landscape. Delicate wooden window frames capture a view of the Mediterranean Sea and the boulevard below.

Various work areas within the office are divided by custom-made black, laser-cut metal screens, their pattern simulate infinite data. The screens separate the public, semi-public and private areas. A sequence of perforated metal screens enclave a video conference room, while separating between the work space and the rest area. The cafeteria was designed as a Tel Aviv style bar, allowing the workers to take a break and encouraging casual meetings. The work desks are height-adjustable, allowing working whether seated or standing. Concrete floor, whitewashed ceiling, wooden frames and acoustic wood cladding line the entire space, creating a holistic environment.

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