• Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a platform for building, managing collecting characteristics of architectural designs through 3D, digital parametric models. The methodology is based on sharing a built model and exchanging information in real time between all members of the design team. 

During design, BIM can assist in collision detection from design initial stages, identifying clashes and discrepancies. Design errors are easily prevented reducing conflicts between various designers and engineers and different building systems resulting in a more holistic and finetuned design process.

By creating a virtual model of a building prior to actual construction, sub-contractors and consultants can add critical information into the model before construction, testing different strategies and relying on precise building data and quantities to further minimizing waste and increase efficiencies.

By creating one unified model BIM greatly reduces information loss associated with multiple disciplines working separately whereby the data is siloed and not always transferred. A unified model allows each team member to add to and/or reference all of the building information, geometry and data in real time and continuously.

At Auerbach Halevy we embrace the added value BIM gives our clients and have had a BIM platform since 2011 and have transitioned into a fully immersed BIM office on all our projects in 2018. Our studio has successfully designed in BIM projects ranging from small, high-end interior boutique projects to large, complex, multi-disciplinary architectural projects.

As a fully integrated Revit firm every project begins with BIM execution strategy that maximizes the use of BIM, accompanied by a dedicated BIM associate.

The use of BIM models can extend throughout the life cycle of a building, supporting processes such as cost management, construction management, project management and facility operation.

Central Garage and Shopping Center Holon

Flybox: The project was done in coordination with “I FLY” USA