• Branded Workspaces

    Branding is at the core of corporate identity, its messaging overt, and subtext is how a company establishes its identity to clients’, peers and employees. We design branded workplaces with tools developed internally that combine programming , spaces planning and design sensibilities. We create branded work-spaces that capture our client’s corporate D.N.A. highlighting better brand awareness augmenting value, image and identity for investors, and clients. Internally, branded spaces have shown to increase workers’ overall satisfaction, retention, productivity and morale, helping teams to better assimilate and internalize the organization's values and goals.


    We begin the process, by research and study to identify the core D.N.A that is unique to our client and apply it to create a tangible experience. Throughout the process we create 2D and 3D sketches, computer renderings and models, to create branding that support the company, its vision and its employees, using all creative tools available to us: architecture, interior design, custom furniture design and graphic design.

  • Test Case: Boeing

    Boeing, the world's largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners, commissioned our firm to design their Israel offices. Their brand values a focus on innovation and precision. Innovation and precision are apparent in the our design of their offices up to fine details.


    The use of glass in this open space creates a vastness that is reminiscent of an airport; this concept set against towering skyline views lends extra visual effects for a complete branded design. Curved lines in many of the custom furniture imply progress and innovation. Rounded illuminated windows, identical to those found on passenger planes, display ¼ scale aircraft models in the lobby., More models of planes manufactured by Boeing are proudly displayed throughout the offices.

  • Test Case: Check Point

    We developed unique branded workspaces for many of Check Point's global branches . The company's leadership wanted employees and clients alike to feel at home, especially those who find themselves frequently traveling between branches. It was crucial in creating a coherent, consistent recognizable and identifiable style through the use of familiar architectural elements across their many branches.


    Branded designed elements are evident in many areas: from private offices that support public and private gatherings, to large conference rooms, kitchens and a central open "Work Cafe" where quick business meetings can be held. The workstations were especially developed for Check Point based upon feedback from leadership and employees to best fit the company's usage profile. The workstations are modular and can easily adapt as needs and requirements of the company evolve over time,.


    Using identical materials and elements across all Check Point’s branches such as flooring, hues, furnishings, woodwork, ceilings, and lighting fixtures reinforces the brands sense of identity, place and uniqueness.