• Custom Made Furniture Systems

    In our line of work, many projects pose creative challenges. Time and time again we find that we know the exact piece that would make the design perfect for the project - but that item doesn't yet exist. Instead of settling for similar products, we always prefer to pause, and to create tailor-made items from scratch. Such items give use the liberty to uniquely express both the functional need and the visual idea. The added value of a tailor made item is of course a one-off, original space.


    The manufacturing process require us to be thoroughly acquainted and up to date with manufacturing technologies. From traditional wood painting to 3D printing and robots, we are always looking for better ways to create that special item.

  • Divider, Bessemer Offices

    The wooden divider was created in order to separate between the public lobby area and the private office area. We also needed to place a coffee corner and a few shelves, and the wall serves these purposes as well. The wooden planks are cut in a wave form, and create a flowing, sculptural object, and every angle reveals different shapes and functions.

  • Library, SMS Office

    In a vivid, inspired space, even a simple library can be surprising and aesthetic as well as functional. This library is made of blocks placed one on top of the other, that are rotated on an imaginary axis, as a wooden block tower fills the space with color and humor.

  • Custom Workstations, Check Point Global Offices

    This project created an interesting challenge – moving the workers from working in closed rooms to an open-space environment. We invited the wary workers to be a part of the planning process, so that the new workstations will give them the privacy they need.


    The open space workstations were tailor-made for the company's needs: the workstation has a dry-erase board, acoustic screen, and places for personal items. The workstations are modular and can be closed according to acoustic needs. And along with functional needs, we made sure that the new work environment will be aesthetically pleasing and colorful.

  • Silicon Valley Bank Office

    In Silicon Valley Bank office, the need for storage solutions created a unique design. The colorful shelves are built on a Mondrian-style grid, covering the core walls and continue into the kitchen. The office glass-wall frames echo the same grid and add a sense of privacy to the see through offices, and also enable to hang logo signs of the different companies the investment bank is working with. The storage boxes elements repeat throughout the office, for instance in a library that adds color to the CEO's office and covers up a post.

  • Modular shelving system, Auerbach Halevy Studio

    Architects' studios tend to pile up with folders and catalogs. To deal with our need for storage we developed a modular shelving system that can be assembled in various ways. The system can hold open and lockable shelves that face both directions, and it also serves as a divider for the open-space work area.

  • Library, House K

    At House K, we wanted to create a feeling as if the furnishing was always there as a part of the space. The custom made library is a warm corner in a concrete house, inspired by Aztec patterns. The library hosts book shelves and a multimedia system. The pattern continues over on the wall cover, blending in with the space.

  • Modular shelving system, Fiverr

    The "Honeycomb" shelves, designed by Rack & Tack, are storage boxes that come in two different sizes and can be connected to create a double-sided storage unit. The units are designed as a solution for offices and workspaces, and also serve as divider-walls between workgroups, as well as a storage solution.


    As a part of a growing trend of creating open space work environments that still retain a pleasant and personal space, these units enable planning the space flexibly and adjusting the design to the client's changing needs, in order to create a warm and personal workspace even in large organizations.


    The units come in different sizes, with metal that comes in different colors and perforations, when each divider can be assembled using a different number of units.


    The units are made of pressed plywood and perforated sheet metal. The product is manufactured in Israel. Design: Yuval Tal of Rack & Tack.