• The Naked Lens

    The digital legend of Uzi Porat and Auerbach Halevy

    Uzi Porat is a household name here at Auerbach Halevy. Not only a brilliant architecture photographer, Uzi is also an artist and a close friend. Uzi's camera lens is the source of the hundreds of photos on this website, a great lens indeed. We have been collaborating with Uzi successfully for over 20 years, and there are many more to come.

    Throughout the years, Uzi has developed a fun albeit peculiar tradition, of taking staged "selfies" of himself on the sites of the various architectural projects he photographs. This tradition is not unique to Auerbach Halevy, as Uzi has many clients, but we enjoy rediscovering our projects from this unique angle, when the focus shifts from the design to Uzi himself.

    His tall, balding figure creates a dialogue with the space, a dialog that is always amusing, surprising and thought provoking.


    Uzi Porat writes: "When I first met Ori the Architect, I was still a partner of Ori the photographer. I started photographing his beautiful projects he planned as "Yanshuf Architects". I met bold, powerful and expressive design. As project followed project, I fell in love with photographing architecture. When Ori met Daphna and founded Auerbach Halevy, the projects grew, and I found I had room to put myself in the picture.

    Years go by, people come and go, many projects come to life and get photographed and our relationship is growing strong. I had the pleasure of getting to know Ori at a crucial moment in both our careers, I was exposed to the real of architecture and got sucked in, and I'm very grateful for it."

    We dedicate this short blog post for our beloved Uzi, and for the photos in which Uzi is the star and we are merely designing the set.

  • On the right: A scarecrow in the wild fileds of "Kinneret-Zmore-Dvir", Modiin area, 2016
    On the left: The main hall in Amdocs offices, Sderot, 2016

  • A short nap in NESS's office, Beer Sheva, 2013

  • On the right: Amdocs, Sderot 2016; On the left: Yoga and Optics, Bessemer Office, Herzeliya, 2013

  • On the right: A safe bet, Plus500 office, Haifa, 2015
    On the left: The top of Uzi's head, and glasses, and Noam too, Sabre offices, Tel Aviv 2016

  • Uzi and Noam, Liat's cactus plant, Adi and Yonatan at the back, all behind our lovely Einat. Soroker Agmon Nordman office, Herzeliya, 2016

  • On the right: Coral, Uzi and Orly in "Magen David Adom" mobile control unit, 2016
    On the left: Uzi's reflection in Fiverr's Office, 2013

  • Uzi with a doppelganger in Kohav Hatsafon schoolyard, Tel Aviv 2015

    Visit Uzi's website: www.uziporat.com