• Zanzibar - The Dream Island

    Ella has been working at Auerbach Halevy for a period of 10 years while at the same time cultivating  career as a talented photographer. Here’s a glimpse of a magical and colorful journey in Zanzibar as captured through Ella’s camera lens.

    My love affair with the world of photography began with my father’s Zenith camera. I loved to hold it when he wasn’t at home, to load the film and listen to the clicks it made, when I loaded it.  This love has continued until this very day. Occasionally, I’m asked what photography means to me.  If I can compare it to something else, then photography is like water for someone who dives. This is the only point in time when  my ADHD button turns off, all my ‘windows’ are closed, and I can become totally immersed in the experience, in the colors, the expressions on people’s faces, the breathtaking landscapes - capturing the moment, exactly as it is.

    I combine my great love for photography with trips in Israel and around the world, with a preference for the third world. I’m captivated by the curiosity of the locals, the authenticity and the contrast between the colorful nature of the people, their love of life, abundance of nature and the scarcity and poverty in which they live.

  • These images and more can be found on Ella's website: www.ellaberlinsky.com