Our Story

Auerbach Halevy is one of Israel’s leading architecture and design firms. For more than twenty years, we deliver inspiring projects to leading companies, global and local– our clients.

The strength of the studio is built upon the vast experience of our top-tier 55 professionals – architects, designers and strategic planners. Auerbach Halevy’s award-winning team is currently engaged on a wide array of projects in Israel and abroad.

Using Building Information Modelling (BIM) as our main design and coordination platform allows us to blend creative thinking with cutting-edge technology. Today, we are setting the benchmark for BIM in Israel.


AHA opened in 2020 a Tel-Aviv branch with the addition of Dov Koren Architecture Firm to the Auerbach HaLevy family.

The Studio

We are a team of architects, interior designers, urban planners, and engineers, who approach each project, small or large, with enthusiasm as if it was our first project. Our team of 60 experienced professionals has real-world knowledge in leading wide range, complex projects, including residential, assisted living, civic, commercial, offices, industrial, interiors, transportation and logistics.

Our projects are located as close as Tel Aviv, or as far as Sydney, San Jose, and Singapore. We value our work but always have time for our annual office trip where we fly abroad to experience together architecture, design, food, and local spirits.

Our Vision

We are continually inspired and excited by the promise of projects that originate as a conceptual idea and end as a functional built inhabitable place. We consistently strive towards being a leading design and planning studio; innovating, adopting new technologies, creating inspirational spaces, and healthy work environments. We believe in high-quality service and the partners are committed to personal involvement in every project.

Quality, Sustainability, and the Global Community

Auerbach Halevy is committed to environmentally sustainable design and we are members of the Israeli Green Building Council (ILGBC) and hold for more than a decade an ISO 9001 2015 certification. We employ LEED professionals as part of our integrated team.

Auerbach Halevy is an active member of The Idea Network, a global collective that was born from a desire to serve clients better by harnessing our shared philosophy and wide-ranging expertise to seamlessly deliver ground-breaking projects for our clients across many countries and cultures. Together we can deliver first-class work and make a positive difference in the way people interact with places and engage in experiences within them.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy can be summarized in one word: collaboration.

We believe strongly in a process of constant learning and collaboration, partnering with clients, consultants, and contractors to achieve the highest quality designed and built projects. The continued success of our projects is a direct result of our passionate, collaborative approach. We are always happy to share our knowledge and work through a rigorous design process with our partners, resulting in inspiring, detail-oriented, signature projects.


Our Process:

1. Research: rigorous analysis of the site, the client brief, and the program result in a one-of-a-kind and unique architectural solution. This is why no two of our projects are alike.

2. Knowledge: we are constantly learning and adding real-world experience as the fundamental core of our knowledge base.

3. Coordination: the seamless management of our design teams is essential to creating high quality, functional projects from concept to completion.

4. Construction Documentation: we believe that architects must know how to realize and produce their ideas in the “real world”. We are proud of the high level of detailed, buildable drawings and specifications we produce.


Total Design Delivery

We believe in the classic role of the Architect as leader of the design team. The responsibility of establishing design goals, coordination, and guidance of the design process and the various consultants ensures delivery of the highest quality to our clients, on schedule, and in budget.

As needed, AHA appoints an experienced project manager, working alongside the architect, reporting back to the client on the overall design and construction process. Our consultants are selected from a small group of highly-qualified professionals who have been vetted through our mutual work.




Since 2018 all of our projects have been designed and delivered using BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology with Revit as our main platform. Auerbach Halevy has developed and employs rigorous workflows and demanding standards needed for high-quality parametric modeling. We continue to lead in this field with innovation and expertise.