• "2025" reality TV show set, KeshetYavne

    In collaboration with Michael Sasson.

    We can probably not fully convey in words and images the complexity of the Keshet 2025 project. The Challenge was to design and build a television set with in the launch deadline of approximately four months. The 3,000 sqm television filming and production stage is divided into two main components.
    The front of house “filmed” town center and the back of house; a hive of activity, hidden passages, production rooms, control rooms and all the various facilities needed to support the seamless filming on set. The control room itself is something equivalent to a NASA space mission control rooms with directors, producers and technicians working around the clock on more than 100 hidden cameras.

    Status: Completed 2019

    Scope: 3,000 m2

    Services: Architecture, Planning + Strategies

  • Our role was to strategically advise on construction, build-ability, phasing and feasibility of transforming an abounded warehouse into a working set within four months. We took on the role of the classic architect builder. Working closely on-site with the builders and trade’s persons to troubleshoot and resolve problems on site. This holistic approach with an understanding of the big picture while still attentive to the smallest of details allowed our co-efforts of “special forces” team including Keshet production, project manager and contractors were able successfully complete the project on time to air.