• AVGTel Aviv

    A new approach to space and vibrant design encourage collaboration and creativity

    AVG headquarters in Tel Aviv span three floors and 3000 square meters at the top part of a tower in central Tel Aviv. The challenging scope of this project has resulted in relating to the entire office space as a small town - wide corridors were designed mimicking curved streets that open into "plazas" which enclose public functions such as cafeterias, meeting rooms and sitting areas.

    Status: Completed 2015

    Size: 3000 m2

    Services: Interior Design

  • AVG is a vibrant, lively company. Starting from the company's logo and all the way to its social life, a fun and informal vibe accompanies daily work and defines AVG's character. This vibrancy was utilized in designing the office space along with Tel Aviv's liveliness.


    The project entailed rethinking the company's workplace arrangement. The company's old workspace was divided by different departments located on 3 different floors. This division resulted in minimal contact between employees, some never met. The new plan connects the 3 floors with a main and a secondary staircase that were added to the existing elevator access. The company's new base is located on the middle floor with a "town hall" cafeteria where everyone meets for lunch, presentation room, music room and even a yoga room. Workers meet at least daily and easily roam through the different floors whenever needed.


    A major resource available in this given structure is natural light. Clear glass portals scattered around the project allow sunlight to permeate the space, while exposing workers to exterior environment – the spectacular view of the city below, and the skyscrapers' silhouettes with a backdrop of the Mediterranean.