Battery Ventures

“Color is not something you should be afraid of” – for battery ventures, a firm who takes risks and adopts new ideas on a daily basis, this quote is very relevant.

  • Client

    Battery Ventures

  • Location


  • Status

    • Completed
  • Program

    Offices, Rooftop Garden

  • Area

    400 sqm

  • Services

    Interior Design

  • Categories

    • Interior Design

The use of bright colors in the space is very evident, which in turn creates a cool and energetic environment. The original office space was outdated, crowded and dark. Many rooms were obsolete or unused; therefore, a decision was made to get rid of everything not needed to in turn create a more open, well-lit work environment. The initial concept was to lift half of the office space onto a raised floor, meanwhile, matching the height of the outside terrace, and furthermore maximizing the penetration of light and greenery from the outside. The ceiling was stripped and the mechanical systems were re-planned and repainted. The exposed ceiling strengthens the openness of the space, makes it taller and wider.

Due to budget restraints, the existing floor to ceiling partition that encompasses the offices couldn’t be demolished. It is bulky and did not correspond with the new design, so a special steel screen system was developed, inlaid with colorful poly-carbonate panels. This system not only hides the bulky glass partition profiles, but also creates a gentle round movement across the office rooms facades. The office’s feature wall is covered with colorful mill-work cladding, which enhances the energy of the space, meanwhile acting as a cover for the various technical cabinets hiding behind this wall. The material & color palette was influenced by the surrounding environment – the blue shades resemble the sea views, and the natural elements are picked up through materials such as concrete and wood. The solid walls are neutral and act as a background for the client’s art collection.

A special pavilion was designed for the large balcony that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. This pavilion acts as a shaded structure which can host impressive events, such as the company’s open-air banquets or even for simple social / internal gatherings. The structure of the pavilion mimics a crystal: it is comprised of polygonal frames. Its walls are a series of elastic cables stretched across the frames, creating gentle hyperbolas and curves between them. Overall, the architectural language of the space, along with its dynamic diagonal lines, vibrant shades and various forms of movement, is evident throughout the entirety of the office. These concepts can be seen in the hanging trellis screen, the reception desks, the floor, the furniture and even in the shower wall – overall, creating a fresh cohesive space.

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