• Bracelets TowerTel Aviv

    The project is an office and commercial spaces for rent (income-producing property) tower. It will include 18 floors above a ground floor.

    The planning strategy involves numerous aspects: building visibility along the Raoul Wallenberg axis, the creation of a commercial piazza on the ground floor, and especially handling the height problem. Why is height a problem? - because an 18-story tower, with a typical floor ranging between 1,200 and 1,400 sqm, is too low and has "undersized" proportions!

    Therefore, in order to produce architectural slenderness, we split the typical floor into two wings - the smaller of the two has been oriented south, facing the traffic flowing to Ramat Hahayal and its elliptical shape emphasizes its height. This wing was designed as a unique tower of bracelets. The bracelets were created by emphasizing the concrete floors above the window line and designing floating steel beams hitched to the building's skeleton. The cladding of these components with aluminum tins creates the bracelets effect.

    The large northern wing was designed as a neutral background for the bracelet tower. Its simple rectangular shape and the clean details of the screen wall do not compete with the bracelets, but rather emphasize them. This simplicity also translates into competitive construction costs, so that the overall price of the project does not exceed the cost of establishing modern office towers of similar size - and the final product, which is clearly visible, is an 80-meter high piece of jewelry.

    Scope: 23,000 m2

    Status: Proposal

    Services: Architecture