• Check Point Global OfficesSingapore, London, Milan, Bangalore, Moscow & more

    New architectural identity makes employees and visitors alike feel at home, at 70 different offices located worldwide

    Software giant Check Point employs about 2,700 workers in 42 countries, its 70 offices spread around the globe. At their request, we redesigned their worldwide offices and Tel Aviv headquarters.

    The client brief was to create a unified look and feel throughout Check Point’s branches worldwide. We created a consistent corporate identity that would be recognizable even while working in 5 different continents.

    We added a touch "local cultural flavor" to each location, which is accentuated in the café and conference rooms.

    The design was focused on the workers well-being, and includes state-of-the-art custom-made modular workstation that are adjustable to specific employee requirements. We kept the work environment efficient, and maximized the exposure to natural sunlight and view.

    Following Check Point's new vision, the floor plans were redesigned from closed offices to open-space, with the addition of collaborative spaces for formal and informal gatherings.

    Status: Under Construction

    Scope: About 32,000 m2 worldwide

    Services: Branding + Graphics, Interior Design

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