• Curdani Transportation CenterKiryat Motzkin

    The starting point for the development of the Kurdani complex is the premise that a transportation center is not an urban nuisance, to the contrary!  It serves as a lively and vibrant urban meeting place, which strengthens the city and the people who use transportation lines.

    This project features a transportation center in the city of Kiryat Motzkin that includes a train station, bus terminal for internal bus lines in the Krayot, a Metronit Terminal, commercial and employment space and upper and underground parking structure, designed to provide an integrated solution to public transportation.  The planning of this complex includes the construction of the Savyonei Yam Train Station for the existing and future train lines of the Nahariya and Karmiel routes, 3 new Metronit lines in addition to the two existing lines as well as an additional 4 future municipal bus lines.

    Status: In Process

    Scope: 35,000 m2

    Services: Architecture, Masterplanning

  • The principles that guided us in the planning are creating space between the transportation terminals, while maintaining short walking distances between them, in order to create an urban space clear of cars, placing the pedestrian in the center; mixed uses as leverage for urban development as expressed in the additional commerce on the ground floor and the offices on the upper floors; architectural construction that serves as a partition between the transportation area and the residential neighborhoods.

    In addition, development of an urban square that faces the residential areas improves the quality of life of the residents instead of turning the transportation  center into a nuisance.