• Dan Central GarageHolon

    A commercial project that includes a supermarket, shops and catering business on a plot owned by Dan public transportation company

    The plot in Holon's renovated industrial area was designated partly as a parking lot for buses and garages for Dan's use, and partly for commercial purposes. Reviving the street through small businesses, coffee shops and pedestrian walking in protected areas has a central role in the urban development planned for the new industrial zone. In order to maximize the use of the areas for the city's residents and pedestrians, a four-level parking lot was proposed, which redirects the remaining land for commercial and street use.

    The project is divided into three stages: Phase A – A supermarket and commercial areas: 8,650 sqm. Stage B - Parking and garages with a total area of 50,000 sqm. Stage C - A strip of offices (14,000 sqm) and commercial (5,500 sqm).

    Status: Proposal

    Size: 78,000 sqm

    Services: Architecture