• Deutsche TelekomBe'er Sheva

    Lively office space for a R&D center that doubles as an academic research institute

    Deutsche Telekom's and Ben-Gurion University's R&D center combines two different worlds: on one hand the project is an academic research lab, run by professors and computer science graduate students, and on the other, the space is a R&D center of a German tech giant, with branches spanning the globe.

    We worked to bridge the gap between the needs of the academia and the tech industry, both in design and planning.

    Status: Completed 2013

    Size: 1000 m2

    Services: Interior Design

  • The space is divided into research labs modeled by the needs of the computer sciences faculty, with additional functions that are more commonly found in high tech offices: meeting rooms, gym and more.

    Design-wise we chose the look and feel of a business operation: glass strips that resemble a barcode, following Deutsche Telekom's brand colors decorate the walls. The shiny black floor reflects the natural light that flows from the large windows.

    The final design encapsulates the bridge between the two worlds – a young academic center built following European standards that serves all its users well.