FAMO Pavilion at Orgatec 2022


Location: Cologne, Germany

Scope: 800 sqr

Design Team: Noam Muskal, Ekaterina Yolkina, Ori Halevy

Completed: October 2022

Services: Interior Design

Status: Completed

About the Project

This pavilion was designed for FAMO, a well-based Portuguese furniture company.

The architectural story of the FAMO Pavilion starts with its clear, geometric white envelope seen sharply from afar, referencing the works of modern Portuguese architecture. This white box holds a dynamic wood structure inside, full of movement, innovation, and inspiration.


The wood elements are both quoting the traditions of FAMO working with wood in furniture making, and the Portuguese naval history of ship making.


This wooden permeable skin, which is made of 80 vertical pine beams, each with a unique geometry, set in a sequence that creates a constant circular wavy movement, from the inside and the outside. This movement accompanies the fair visitors and draws them inside. It triggers curiosity and acts as a screen that is defining the space yet allows visitors to be filtered inside.

Once the visitor is inside the pavilion – the wood skin isolates the visitor from the exterior surroundings, allowing him to have a unique FAMO moment with their products, and wander around a series of “Workspace Islands”.


The Workspace Islands are showcasing the variety of FAMO’s product families. The clean forms of the built elements echo the shapes of the displayed furniture – cylinders, curves, soft colors, and patterns.


At the main entrance of the pavilion, a bold statement was made – a Roman bust of Apollo, painted in bright red, mounted on a bright red metal desk, both are a work of art, hinting about the expected artful pieces in the gallery inside the pavilion.

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