• FiverrTel Aviv

    Colorful, rich, versatile and informal space sets the tone for this young creative company

    Fiverr is known for creating a global online trading arena which allows small-scale service providers and independent talents to reach potential customers. The activity operates from a single web site, that offers services priced anywhere from $5 to $5,000. Respectively, the architectural design encapsulates values such as innovation and creativity.

    Status: Completed 2013

    Size: 2000 m2

    Services: Interior Design

  • The company's offices span 7 floors. The space is divided into an open space with "islands" for senior staff offices, small conference rooms and a central lounge. The design allows for flexibility and creates a relaxed working environment that inspires the workers, a non-hierarchical workspace which allows for creativity, brainstorming and encourages collaboration between employees. The modular design enables changing the seating arrangements when necessary and to conduct informal meetings of teams, with customers, and more.

    The furnishing also reflects the company's character. Each piece is carefully chosen, unlike another and tells a different story, and creates a rich and dynamic environment that enhances the young and creative atmosphere.