• Global consulting firmTel Aviv

    In the realm of office interiors, Elegance is an endangered species. It has no chance of survival in the predator world of funky lofts, exploded with colors and exposed ceilings.

    Yet what a spectacular creature is Elegance! Polite, subtle and timeless. In one of the upper floors of a Tel Aviv office tower, the Elegance creature found a proper hideout – where a global consulting firm resides.

    The excellent reputation of the firm’s expertise is echoed in the architecture: exquisite materials, high-end details and straight forward design. Two custom-made objects were created solely for our dear clients: first item is a kinetic wall that never moves - by mere parametric manipulation of wooden splinters it creates a cool illusion. The second item is actually a system, which we call “the Link”, that comprised of a reception desk being transformed into a cafeteria bar.

    Status: Completed 2018

    Scope: 750 m2

    Services: Interior Design

  • Our biggest challenge (other than design) was to maintain high levels of privacy in such a transparent environment. Privacy is a necessity, not only in places of business, but as a guardian of sanity (Privacy is another endangered species). To meet this challenge, we specified glass partitions with special acoustics into which we embedded translucent films and electrical curtains.

  • From everywhere in the office, even from the entrance door, Tel Aviv swaps in with its magnificent daylight and the Mediterranean Sea. And like a breeze from the sea, Tel Aviv musses the conservative firm by a mixture of natural materials and bright color palette. Cosmopolitanism was never so local, and the Elegance creature will live forever.