• Hanamal 36Tel Aviv

    Our home and the heart of the previous studio

    The high ceiling and view to the Mediterranean Sea gave rise to a design that emphasizes the unique location. The emphasis was placed on the common meeting areas, as we let human interaction lead the design process

    Our former office was located near the old Tel Aviv port, in a building with an open view to the sea and to the harbor, which was once a meat warehouse. Anyone entering the office, clad with glass and black steel, could not guess its previous use. The idea behind the design was to creating a large number meeting and convergence areas.

    Status: Completed 2000

    Scope: 240 m2

    Services: Interior Design

  • At the entrance stood a semi-transparent Formica reception desk. A look upwards revealed the steel bridge that connected the presentation room to the study room on the gallery floor. A view from the center of the floor revealed the gallery floor to which a green staircase of industrial sheet metal lead. The office was a large open-space divided into several rooms with glass walls that enabled light and air to go through.

    In the conference room the entire inner wall, from floor to ceiling, was covered with a giant cork-board that was not only decorative but practical: plans and sketches were pinned to it during meetings. On the back wall of the office was a graphic collage by Ori Halevi, in which appeared the figure of Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the greatest architects, who was and still is a great inspiration for the architectural style of the firm.