• HitachiHolon

    An office, commercial and logistics building planned for S. Efrati, importer of HITACHI's tools in Israel.

    The lot is located in Holon Industrial Zone, on the corner of Ha-Rokmim and Kishor streets - an area that is being transformed from a traditional industrial zone to an office and commercial buildings complex.

    The corner lot, which embraces a private open area, along with the requirements of the Municipal Master Building Plan for binding building lines on both sides of the street and the "zero building line" with the adjacent lot, resulted in a unique solution that combines a nine-story cubic building, grid of beams and gray stone cladded pillars combined with glass - a clean and timeless design - and a two-story wooden-cladded ANNEX wing, which provides an intimate aspect towards the street and private open space.

    This materiality repeats at the top of the cube, emphasizing the double space of the upper office floor.

    Sratus: In Process

    Scope: 21,650 m 2

    Services: Architecture