• House MTel Aviv

    A home designed for a warm and close family with an active daily life. A wide staircase and bright colors add volume and light to the space

    The opening point of the house in Tel Aviv was not particularly promising. The tenants purchased the apartment above and wanted to merge the two apartments, which were two stories high each - a total of four levels spread over 250 sqm with a tiny courtyard and a matching balcony.


    The project was designed for a couple who had been living for years in a cramped, two-story apartment in the center of Tel Aviv. The two connected apartments had low ceilings and very small rooms. Therefore, the main part of planning was deciding where and what to destroy and/or change. The solution that formed the heart of the design was the creation of a wide staircase that connects the entire house, although one room had to be sacrificed for this purpose. We used bright colors to bring light into the house, which the small windows of the original housing project did not allow enough of.


    Status: Completed 2008

    Scope: 250 m2

    Services: Interior Design

  • All wings of the house correspond with each other through the various elements that link them: the furniture is white, and the parquet floor is light brown - these colors make the house look larger and illuminated. The staircase and panels are also made of the same parquet. The cleanliness and relatively few details throughout the house add to the sense of space. The white cabinets and shelves are very high and serve as efficient storage-saving spaces.


    In the middle of the kitchen stands a white Formica table that corresponds to the marble. The large storage cabinet along the wall is of the same color as the parquet floor. Although the kitchen is not large, the windows being narrow and small, the bright colors give it a sense of spaciousness and light and, in addition, the fact that it is not completely enclosed to the living room helps to increase the perception of size.