• Kinneret Zmora DvirShoham Industrial Park

    A visitor's journey to the site resembles reading a good book: a fine cover, intriguing title and many plot twists

    The journey begins with a glance from the street, walking through the main plaza, into the inner garden, through the lobby and on to the inner spaces. The new campus for the well-established book publishers combines all the company's activities under one roof: a logistic warehouse, office building, cafeteria and gym. In the lobby thousands of books are displayed on an impressive 14 meters tall display library.


    "Kinneret Zmora-Bitan Dvir" is one of Israel's oldest book publishing houses. It's days stretch back to Hayim Nahman Bialik who founded "Dvir" publishing house. The new campus of the publishers is located in Modiin's Industrial Park near the town of Shoham, and combines and office building and a logistics warehouse that houses 3,000,000 books. The campus atmosphere was created by "folding" the building into three different wings that wrap an inner yard.

    The campus is a home to all of the publishing house activities and everyday logistics and headquarters workers join writer and editors in the various facilities, but the real spotlight is on the books. The aesthetics of thousands of vivid book covers has been translated into a motif of colored glass tiles that decorate the building's façade. Solid white geometry balances the bright colors. The inner garden lies between the buildings and a fascinating view is seen from every corner of every wing.

    Status: Complete 2013

    Size: 5,300 sqm

    Awards: Honorable mention, Israeli Architecture 2018

    Services: Architecture

  • The sheet metal walls of the warehouse are 20 meter tall and its inner space contains over 3 million books, stocked on an advanced shelving system. In the entrance lobby, an impressive, 14 meters tall vertical display library that is built on the partition wall that divides the office building and the warehouse greets the visitors. The display library is visible from afar at every hour, around the clock, and at night it created a wall of light between the building walls. Hanging bridges connect the offices wings, and visitors can see different views of the impressive space from different heights and angles.

  • The campus is based on sustainable planning and design, the central of which is letting natural light permeate the space directly and indirectly. The long window strips along the building facade create brightly lit office spaces.