• Kohav Hatsafon School, Tel-Aviv Winner of the 2016 Design Award

    We planned this school so that the young pupils remember it fondly in years to come

    An educational structure, we believe, is not just a container but should convey a positive learning experience. We wanted to create a close connection between the structure and the its users, our most important clients to date: first grade to sixth grade school children.

    Our goal was to create a simple and friendly building, suitable to the young pupils' world. The design was influenced by the legacy of the White City of Tel Aviv and the International Style. The humble white wall, the clean mass of the walls and the open yards are an expression of the Tel Avivi "Garden City".

    "Kohav Hatsafon" school is a sustainable building that is fitted to the climate of its surroundings. It has quality thermal insulation, the classes are facing the north-south facades and acoustic solutions and recycled materials were used. Most importantly: natural light is penetrating the inner structure. The Clearstory windows let natural light flow into the main corridor, and the classes wings envelope an inner patio that allows light and greenery into the building.

    Scope: 2500 m2

    Status: Completed 2015

    Services: Architecture, Interior Design

  • The plan weaves together classes and schoolyards along a tall and well lit central space that regulates the pupils' movement. The plan is clear and easy to navigate and has spaces for formal classes and informal playtime.

    The humble two story building and yard create a break in the cityscape and a continuation for the public garden in the heart of the neighborhood. The schoolyard of about 1.5 acre is visible from the residential towers around it.

    The school spans 2,380 square meters and includes 12 classes, additional rooms, technology and science rooms, informal learning spaces and administrative offices.

  • Common Israeli construction materials were selected: concrete and plaster. Apart from an architectural and aesthetic statement, using highly available materials allowed the contractor to complete the construction of the building in a record time of ten months and meet the deadlines for the upcoming school year. The modest building with white stucco cladding front and inner richness of form and color uses solid wood frames, colorful ceramics and more.

    Along the southern facade shading systems were designed to produce a dual sensory effect, both inwardly and outwardly. Internally slats are distant of the wall and create a climate buffer zone allowing light and air flow into fallen classes. Outwardly, colorful louvers contrast the white cubes that characterize the rest of the building. The result is a structure devoid of excess decoration that produces a pleasant view and an interior that is filled with natural light.

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