• Logistics warehouse and garage structures for IDFAround Israel

    Modular structures for a variety of uses, taking sustainability, durability and diverse usage needs into account

    The project for the Ministry of Defense consists of 10 types of buildings and sheds, and 22 sub types. The buildings have different uses, including warehouses in various sizes for various uses, vehicle storage sheds, car care centers, open and closed assembly sheds and bus stations.

    Status: Planning

    היקף: approx 200,000 sqm

    Services: Architecture

  • The project involved the characterization and the determination of generic needs of standard prototype and preliminary planning. The project's design concept aims for modularity and flexibility in shed types and sub-types. All basic structure are designed as a kit which includes fixed elements and components that can be modified depending on specific needs.

    The architectural design of the buildings adhere to the functional needs and creates a unique identity for the types of various structures and links between them.

    In choosing the construction and finishing materials, thought was given to sustainability, durability, maintenance and climatic aspects and use of innovative materials.

    The total structures built will span approximately 200,000 square meters.