• Maccabi House and Jewish Sports MuseumKfar Maccabiah, Ramat Gan

    A building intended to display the vast global saga of Jewish Sports and inspire future generations.

    The winning proposal in a design competition, a superbly functional and beautifully-balanced composition makes a statement as bold and unique as the magnificent tradition it will be housing and the enduring values it projects.

    The building is planned in the heart of the Maccabiah Village – A 22 acre sports complex at the outskirts of Ramat Gan, Israel. Over 700,000 business travelers and tourists are expected to enter its gates every year, using its accommodations including a hotel, sports club and conference centers. It is also the major center of sports administration in Israel and Israel Sports Federation, several national sports associations and more.

    Status: In Process

    Size: 3100 sqm

    Services: Architecture

  • Auerbach Halevy Architects combined three distinct elements, each complementing and enhancing the functions of the others:

    • An auditorium seating 350 people and a Seminar Center with classrooms and activity halls.

    • A 3-star hotel.

    • A Heritage Center - a state-of-the-art facility for the Maccabi Museum, the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, the Israel Sports Hall of Fame, and a special exhibitions space, linked through themed multilevel displays intertwining antique & modern sports objects, memorabilia, photographs, audio and video. It is also home to the unique Maccabi Archive, the world's largest repository and collection of documents and objects related to the living heritage of Jewish sports.

    The building is composed of graceful elements: precision, dynamics, delicate balance, levitation and transparency. Its simplicity has significant implications regarding the construction budget, compactness and minimal land use.

    The conversion of the museum from a horizontal, traditional space into a vertical structure with a fully transparent elevation, which grows organically from the main lobby, creates an impressive showcase.

    The Maccabi House will be situated at the end of the main avenue of the Village. A scenic road would lead to the Main Plaza and into the building making it a unique landmark, suitable for events and ceremonies.