Inspired by the surrounding dessert the building encourages openness and innovation

    Mandel and MindCET is an education and technology innovation center, a part of a small campus in the dessert city of Yeruham. The center includes a hands on area, a start-up workspace, A Fablab and a space for education research.

    The design is inspired by the dessert scenery, the sand and stone dunes that surround the area. Located at the east end of Yeruham, one façade is overlooking the dessert and the other is facing a small city square inside the campus.

    Status: Completed 2019

    Size: 2,000 sqm

    Services: Architecture

  • The building aspires to be both modest and innovative, matching its future use. A one story building, covered with a roof that can be likened to a hill range or a tent, creating a dynamic geometry. The exposed concrete roof is visible throughout the structure, as a shading for outside gathering, and with the play of heights inside the building. The roof hovers above window screens facades that leave an open line of sight from the outside in and vice versa, resulting in a light and dynamic building that fits the time, place and activities.

  • The brief we got from MindCET was to create accessible spaces that encourage creativity. The program sets a large open space where the closed areas float like closed boxed that are separated from the roof, in this way visitors and researchers can enjoy a spacious, airy and intriguing space.

  • Concrete and plaster which are suitable for the dessert climate and for Israel we used for the building and the interior is making use of colored sheet metal, wood, glass, an exposed ceiling and polished concrete.

  • Construction Progress: