• Mixed use urban complexcentral of the country

    The site is located within the Tel Aviv metropolitan area in an existing commercial and industrial zone that is transforming. The design proposes a transformative old/ new urban approach of mixed use within distinctly zoned areas, introduction of additional activities as residential, occupational, commercial uses and amenities to support the current urban fabric.

    The project includes an existing 3 floor, 19,500 sqm building of 6,500 sqm per floor. The design intent was to re-purpose the existing structure as supporting parking as well as allocate commercial functions at ground level and one floor above along the street. In all 3 schemes we studied various density and design options of integrating new structures and uses above the built structure adding 40,000 sqm of new areas of which 100 residential units, while retaining a large and accessible roof terrace and garden.

    Bagel option

    Status: Proposal

    Size: 40,000 sqm

    Services: Architecture

  • This option is partly a response to the need of introducing natural light into a very deep floor plate 85meters/ 85 meters. By creating an open green space in the center thus allowing for additional façades facing the large internal courtyard. 3 office floors were raised above the existing structure and a sleek elliptical residential tower stands overlooking the surrounding areas.

    Fingers option

  • Light penetration was a similar challenge in this option, the solution Includes liner north south courtyards between the separate buildings. The residential tower is set back as it extends upwards creating roof terraced gardens as an extension to the apartments.

    "c" option

  • In this option the residential complex is designed directly above the existing structure as a continuous "C" around a large roof terrace garden. The office tower is designed as a slim rectangular, monolithic, mass elevated above the residential floors.