• NehushtanShoham Industrial Area

    A mixed-use is here

    The Nechushtan complex is a logistics, commercial and office center in the Shoham industrial zone. The project is planned for a private entrepreneur and includes two areas designated for rent: a logistics complex comprising two logistic centers for rent and an office space for the management, and an office and commercial complex that includes office towers above a commercial ground floor and a three-story underground parking lot.

    The main and only entrance to the project passes through the logistics centers, so it was important to create a highly impressive entrance. We pass in front of Logistic Center No. 1 at the entrance to the entire complex. A corrugated-iron building looks as if it is growing from the ground and has been cut off at its end to form a link to the other, Logistic Center No. 2, across the main road in the center of the compound.

    The front of Logistic Center No. 2 is characterized by an office building designated for management headquarters. The building lightly floats above the development wall and receives its rhythm from the curved vertical glass lattices. Aluminum lattices with wood printing are integrated between the glass knives to create the required shade for the southern fa├žade.

    The two logistics centers are characterized by light industrial construction.

    Status: In Process

    Size: 100,000 sqm

    Services: Architecture

  • At the northern end of the main road, in the center of the compound, we meet the commercial and office complex - a fascinating and lively area. The road leading down to the parking lot passes at the back of the project and thus we get a kind of pedestrian mall that combines commercial buildings, squares of different sizes and rich landscape development.

    In order to create a presence for the commercial floor, the first office floor was designed with the same decor and cladding as the commercial floor. This creates an illusion of a 10 meters high commercial floor.

    The three office towers lightly float and shift over the high commercial floor. The office facade combines aluminum frames of various thicknesses, depending on the level of shading required.