• Nof Hagalil HotelSafed

    Against the green background of the Upper Galilee's mountains, this proposal for the Nof HaGalil boutique hotel is an elegant building, open to the green landscape

    The hotel includes about 20 suites, private and public swimming pools, a restaurant and other hotel facilities of the highest standard. The hotel avoids the familiar monolithic view of compact hotel buildings. It surrenders to the natural topography and slope of the existing lot and drowns in the rich vegetation on of the mountain side, with a planned addition of tropical vegetation among the various parts of the hotel.

    In its sophisticated design, this conceptual boutique hotel, inspired by the beaches of Thailand, offers a calm and peaceful atmosphere, linking exterior to interior through maximum exposure of the rooms to the ever-green view, water facilities and landscape. It tells a story of sincere harmony existing between the hotel and the landscape in which it resides.

    The design places a large emphasis on the selection of materials that will convey the Oriental prestige and yet remain closely connected to the location - the use of water, stone, white plaster, wood, light and shade.

    Status: Proposal

    Services: Architecture