Raz Progress Lot Number 50

raz progress lot 50

Location: Emek Hefer Valley

Size: 8,500 sqr

Status: Completed: 2022

Services: Architecture, Interior design

Usage: Offices, Technical rooms, Logistics center

Services: Architecture, Interior Design

raz progress lot 50

About the Project

This warehouse of 8,500 square meters, located on a corner the Industrial Park in Emek Hefer. The main architectural challenge is creating a character for a building whose main use is storage, reference to the environment and the street and creating a separation between pedestrian traffic and operational motor traffic.

The main mass is covered with alucobond in a white shade, it softens the presence of the structure on the corner with the addition of dark aluminum profiles that add a bit of dynamism and movement and break the static of the white block. The main mass contains the storage space and other ancillary uses, and operational outdoor areas: a covered operational yard, an operational balcony and a ramp for trucks. The entrance to the building is characterized by an impressive atrium for the entire height of the building.

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