Raz Progress

Raz Progress

Location: Emek Hafer

Size: 570 sqr

Status: Completed: 2022

Services: Interior Design

Usage: Offices, technical rooms

About the Project

Rooftop office design for an entrepreneur who was looking for a home workplace where he could hold meetings and host.

The office was designed as a modern Californian loft that conveys luxury, warmth, timeless design and blurs the boundaries between the inside and the outside.
For this purpose, the existing shell walls were adapted to the new needs. One opened onto the balcony where a large garden was planned on several levels and a mirror pool and flooded the space with natural light. The canopy was designed in a way that allows a visual continuation of the office ceiling and expands it and the other was illuminated with soft lighting using a brush and hid the openings that did not match the new use.
The office was designed to allow various hospitality scenarios including an informal area and a bar.