• S. Friedman & Co.Haifa, Tel Aviv

    The office of Law firm S. Friedman & Co. is overlooking the sea, so we made sure to keep the sea view present while maintaining the design spirit of the old office

    After decades, the law firm S. Friedman left their home at the historic downtown Haifa and moved to the sixth floor of an office building in the modern southern outskirts of the city. The stone buildings and hustle and bustle of the port were replaced by curtain walls and the pale faces of high-tech and science workers. The spirit of the previous office was a fragrant cocktail of mahogany and cherry, yellow marble and heavy steel doors. The new office took off the gentlemen's club mandatory vest but kept a wink of tradition.

    Status: Completed 2004

    Size: 4000 m2

    Services: Interior Design

  • The main resource of the new office is the sea. A full view of the blue Mediterranean is visible from the sixth floor of the building that is only 100 meters away from the water. The design is not trying to compete with the sea but to maintain its presence, by placing transparent screens in office spaces, without compromising on acoustic insulation that is essential in a law firm. The main hall is built of wooden frames glass partitions and wooden ceiling shaped like a conical fan, which draws the eye of the beholder up and west - to the sea.

    The central library was inherited from the old office. The library hosts thousands of books; the oldest of them chronicle Maritime Law from the nineteenth century. The books are displayed in the main halls and corridors, and are available to employees with a thirst for knowledge. The library is decorated with ship models that were received as a gift from Zim, that echo the spirit of the sea once more.