• SABRERamat Gan

    Sabre's offices were designed using the "One-Stop-Shop" approach. The project forms an example of a full physical-conceptual space that extends beyond the conventional architectural definition and includes: interior design, furniture design and branding, all of which create a uniform environment that reflect the nature of the office and its employees.

    Sabre is an advanced hi-tech company in the field of tourism. Our aim is to create a new work environment that reflects the Company's values.

    In cooperation with the client we have chosen to change the perception of work space from closed spaces to open ones. This approach allows for teamwork, planning flexibility, maximizing the work space while ensuring privacy and individuality for each employee. Only the small conference rooms are closed spaces, that have been a folded in a geometrical shape in the middle of the open space. Unique furniture has been designed to define areas within the open working space while maintaining the important continuity of one large space.

    Status: Completed 2016

    Scope: 1050 m2

    Services: Branding + Graphics, Interior Design

  • The use of natural eclectic materials, such as tin and wood, along with the use of geometrical shapes that are being expressed in the design of the structural elements and in the graphic elements, create both a homely and a technological feeling.

    In addition to the furniture and interior design, all the graphic elements were designed by Orbach-Halevi. The main graphic element is a 30-meter poster surrounding the work area, designed in Sabre's colorful, cheerful, and international spirit.

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