• SMSRamat Hahayal, Tel Aviv

    A cocktail of fun and sophistication


    Situated in a left-over space of an office building's ground floor, this loft was designed for a firm of project managers. Right in the hectic business district of Ramat Hahayal, the design of this small office is unique and surprising. The office was meant to reflect the young spirit of SMS's staff - projecting a cocktail of fun and sophistication. Here, the concept of mixing business with pleasure comes to life with functions that vary from high-end conference rooms to high-end gaming consoles. Almost every element in the office was designed by the architects as a one-of piece. Even the artwork is a unique blend of computerized graphics and collages - designed for each space in the office.

    Status: Completed 2009

    Scope: 250 m2

    Services: Interior Design