• SVBHerzliya Pituach

    The restrained colors, delicate materials and clean lines create an inviting, pleasant and young-spirited space suitable both for the Company's employees and its customers

    Silicon Valley Bank offers financial services to high-tech companies. We designed the Company's office space in a meticulous, calm and clean, yet young, dynamic and inviting manner – corresponding with the Company's spirit and principles.

    Subtle, delicate materials (dark gray, white, natural wood) were chosen for the space and furniture. Clean, continuous lines intersect the space while working with a spatial Mondrian grid, creating a uniform space with rhythmic and dynamic breaks. The breaks, in the form of cubes of various sizes and varying tempo, can sometimes be used as storage cabinets, as kitchen cupboards or as an open library. The uniformity of space is also reflected in the delicate ceiling grid, which separates the main space from the study rooms, and in the delicate frame work on which the names of the Company's clients appear.

    Status: Completed 2015

    Scope: 300 m2

    Services: Interior Design

  • The spacious entrance hall is bright, pleasant and inviting, and receives its natural light from the surrounding office spaces through the glass partitions that partially separate and connect between work and the public areas. This creates an atmosphere that brings the Company's employees together, invites interaction and at the same time respects privacy and facilitates concentration at work.