• TaavuraRamla

     A logistics and garages center that integrates into a developing industrial area, and breathes new life into its surroundings, using light and modern materials

    A logistics center, garages and headquarters offices of the largest truck company in Israel for the transport of heavy cargo. The center is located on a main traffic junction near Ramla's new industrial zone. The design attempts to create an identity and location in a developing industrial complex, while redefining and reviving an existing street. The longitudinal structures delineate an inner street, accentuated by the arch of the roof. "Light wells" provide natural lighting and ventilation for the buildings, and provide a rhythm to the street, where trees are planted, providing shade and softening the use of concrete in the building. The construction is light and industrialized, and the Company's logo is integrated into the skeleton of the central building, making it visible from a distance.

    Status: Completed 2008

    Size: 14,000 sqm

    Awards: Winner of the 2008 Design Award

    Services: Architecture