• The National LibraryJerusalem

    A landmark reading hall is the center of this design proposal for the National Library

    The National Library's mission is to collect, preserve and share knowledge. To serve the library's purpose, the building engages the public by sharing its collections, through usage of the reading rooms and education center, and also hosts the private, internal activities of collecting, preservation and research.

    Status: Proposal (Competition)

    Size: 42,000 sqm

    Services: Architecture

  • Use of abundant natural light as a fundamental asset, the reading hall's perforated envelope filters soft natural light that illuminates the reading area but protecting the book collection.

    By creating large public, urban spaces both at the ramp, upper podium and lower courtyard, the design aims to maximize visibility and accessibility, encouraging visitors to engage with the building at close and immediate proximity.

    Levitated atop the podium, the graceful, curved reading hall stands in contrast to the stark surrounding, geometric structures. Gracefully floating by the day and emitting warm, glowing light at night the reading hall is designed to be an eye catching landmark.