• Urban Renewal Project, Kiryat Yam

    The proposed plan will upgrade an old municipal block of apartments, situated in an excellent location near the sea into a modern complex of 1,200 new apartments, commercial space, public buildings, sports buildings and a park.

    In this project, we used planning principles appropriate for a compact-sized city, with an emphasis on walkability, density and mixed uses.  Residents of this rejuvenated complex will enjoy a diverse urban tapestry that features commerce on the ground floor, an elementary school and preschools, a sports center and open green spaces.  The principle of diversity that we are promoting is expressed not only in the proposed uses, but also in the character of the construction that creates a commercial street façade, incorporating residences using textured construction and towers on the one hand, and open inviting urban spaces for residents of the complex and the surrounding community on the other.

    Scope: 300 HA

    Status: In Process

    Services: Architecture, Masterplanning

  • For this project, we have developed an innovative design typology that connects between the renovated complex and the immediate natural asset of the seafront, offering a variety of views and sight lines to it.