• Weizmann Institute of Science, Chemistry BuildingRehovot

    Part of the interior design and space planning process, AH conducted a workplace strategy workshop in order to define main planning principles that will meet the culture of the organization and lead us in the planning process. The workshop included interviews and work sessions with various groups and stakeholders in the organization, analysis and data consolidation.

    The vision that was a result of the workplace strategy was to promote and create a new scientific entity by collaborating people from different departments. The principles that lead us in the design were – flexibility, innovation and collaboration.

    We created warm, healthy and flexible environment by allowing natural light to penetrate to all work stations and by the use of timeless, clean and durable materials. The entrance level offers a spectacular lobby that corresponds with the building exterior façade, meeting rooms and auditorium for lectures. The work space composed of offices for the professors, semi-private open space areas for scientific staff and open neighborhoods for students, in addition to informal collaboration meeting rooms, creating collaboration between people in a team.

    Status: In Process

    Scope: 17,000 sqm

    Services: Interior Design

  • Each level  offers different public amenities, creating collaboration between different groups in the building. The office zones is separated from the lab areas in materiality and creates collaborative areas for sharing ideas between the students in each group and between the different groups in the different departments in the building.