• NiskoModiin Industrial Area

    A logistics center that studies the seam between efficiency, design, branding and electro-mechanical systems

    Nisko is one of Israel's leading companies in the field of electronics and lighting. The logistics center we designed for the Company includes a production plant, warehouses and offices for the Company's management. We connected the various functions of the Company to each other in a continuous and harmonious language. The inspiration was drawn from the fields of lighting and electronics in which the Company specializes, and they are present in form and material and express the company's innovation in these fields.

    We thought to combine functional and efficient planning with an architectural building that reflects advanced technologies and presents Nisko's capabilities. The covering of the warehouse is made of laser-cut sheet plates produced according to our special design. During the night, the cover panels are illuminated from the back by hidden lighting fixtures and give the building a unique look reminiscent of an electronic motherboard.

    Status: Completed 2013

    Size: 16,000 sqm

    Services: Architecture

  • The project proves that a logistics box does not have to be an alienated and boring project. The exact mix of functionality, shelving, storage, and conveying methods can be fertile ground for spectacular industrial aesthetics. We believe that design sensitivity can and should be incorporated even into a structure that is evaluated by rigid parameters of efficiency.

    The building investigates the seam between efficiency, design, branding and electro-mechanical systems and illustrates Auerbach-HaLevi's goal – a combination between professionalism and creativity.