Location: Emek Hafer Industrial Park

Size: 65,000 sqr

Status: In process

Services: City building planning, Architectural planning and planning coordination

Services: Architecture, Masterplanning

About the Project

The purpose of changing the planning of a city building, consolidation and division with the consent of the owners in order to create a front of commerce and offices along the street, a request for a building line 0 between the lots in order to create a flow of buildings on the lots. All this without changing the total area of ​​each land use. The architectural design includes a two-story high-rise building, operational yards adjacent to the building, a commercial building facing the street and above it a 3-story office building. The finishing of the building includes curtain walls and fiber cement cladding combined with Alucobond.

The building is located in the heart of the industrial park and is designed for the customer “Snow” and potential customers. In the building there is a 2-story logistics center located in the center, with each floor containing an operational plaza. Adjacent – a basement floor and above it a commercial floor (at street level) and three office floors facing south and west. The spaces of the building were designed in a functional way that allows versatility and dynamism. The design of the building refers to the sculptured Gushnet Spanish architecture with warm and unique colors that are usually accepted in public buildings and private housing, along with adaptations to the MRL building and offices for all the accompanying needs and proportions, along with adaptation to the Israeli landscape and the spirit of the place. The building incorporates a variety of unique balconies and different viewpoints.

The commercial floor is covered and allows a shaded walk next to vegetation, and above it horizontal facades consisting of longitudinal concrete elements that emphasize the building’s massive length element and provide effective sun filtering towards the interior of the offices, which face the main streets in the south and west direction. The building is expected to have a large presence in the area and its many uses will enable a meeting place, and a central landmark in the logistics landscape and in the development of the advanced industrial park. The building dominates over three lots that are currently being consolidated and divided and include a development plan that connects with existing green areas and allows for extensive connections and access for the surrounding public.