Standing out: A scale studded warehouse

  • Client

    Mega-Or Holdings

  • Location

    Modi'in Industrial Park

  • Status

    • Completed
  • Program

    Logistic Warehouse, showroom, Logistic Warehouse, Offices

  • Area

    21,000 sqm

  • Services


  • Categories

    • Logistics & Industrial

“I wanted to create something original that had not been done before” – Ori HaLevy, Architect and Partner

It’s not easy to take a 30m tall, 20,000 sqm industrial complex and make it beautiful, which was one reason we embraced this project. The role of an architect is to create beauty and tell a story, even when the canvas we are working with is a generic-looking large box designed to move pallets in and out as quickly as possible. Kodkod is a phenomenal distribution center. It takes advantage of the areas rolling hills to create two street-level entrances on opposite sides of the building. The sophisticated structure functions as two independent buildings stacked upon one another. But placing a building of that size can overshadow everything around it. At first, we wanted the building to be invisible. We experimented with camouflage skin on the outside to create a stealth effect. When we realized it was too big to hide, we looked for another option.

Transforming a potential eyesore into a jewelry box

When we realized we could never hide the building, we knew that it would need to stand out. Being an architect involves balancing different priorities. The building needed to be beautiful but cost effective; its skin had to be easy to install yet project a sophisticated look. We began with digital models followed by scaled versions of the project. We developed custom-made bronze scales that would completely encase the building. Each scale was 2M x 1M, and by the time we were through, the building’s skin was composed of over 3,000 scales.

When it was done, the Building appeared like an expensive jewelry box for everyone to see.

Eco-efficiency is deeply embedded into the DNA of the project. Constructed of recycled materials with fully recyclable aluminum scales, we designed this distribution center to maximize environmental efficiency. Solar rooftop panels power the building. Meanwhile, its thermal envelope keeps employees working within the building cool in the summer and warm all winter long. The result is a green building that is as environmentally friendly as it is functional. As the sun rises and sets, the light changes as it reflects on the building, and the color transitions from copper to bronze to golden brown. The building has transformed the space and challenged future architects in the area to continue telling the story.

Ground Plan

Team  Hadar Osdon, Noam Muskal, Yaniv snir, Ori Halevy Photographer Amit Geron

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