We are looking for creative, kind and talented individuals to join our studio.

Join our open studio culture, where every voice is valued.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to take the next step, we offer opportunities for individual and professional growth. We see glass ceilings only on top of buildings - within our studio space, the sky is the limit. Auerbach Halevy embraces diversity and inclusion for this social fusion is an essential environment for freedom of creativity and innovation.

We travel!

The world is the best architecture teacher. We love our work but always find time for annual office trips where all of us fly abroad to enjoy architecture, design, urban scenes, and landscapes - but more so food, parties and local spirits. FUN is a core value at Auerbach Halevy and these trips form lifetime bonds while making us better architects and designers.

The education of an architect is a never ending story.

We're dedicated to staying ahead of the game in the industry by providing team members access to top-quality trainings programs, professional conferences, mentorship opportunities, and more. knowledge results in design excellence.

Check out the Benefits of working at Auerbach Halevy
  • Architects - 5 years or more, experience in Revit is mandatory.

  • Interns, from Israel and abroad, are welcome for work on a 3 month basis.

Please send us CV and Portfolio

[email protected]