Icon TLV

מחווה עכשווית לעיר הלבנה

  • לקוח


  • מיקום

    תל אביב

  • סטטוס

    • הושלם
  • פרוגרמה


  • שטח

    15,400 מ"ר

  • שירותים


  • פרסים

    מקום ראשון בתחרות "מצוינות בבנייה" בקטגוריית מבנה מגורים עד תשע קומות, 2021

  • קטגוריות

    • מגורים והתחדשות עירונית

Planned by Dov Koren Architects Located just a short walk away from several important city institutions, including Rabin Square, the Opera and Museum Complex, The Tel Aviv Culture Centre, and Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov Hospital), ICON TLV boasts a stunning architectural design that perfectly captures the essence of the "White City" and the Israeli climate. Featuring straight and elegant horizontal lines that adorn the main facade, the building makes use of materials and elements that are reminiscent of the "White City" style, including white plaster, balconies with iron railings, and asymmetrical design elements that help to balance the significant and lengthy facade facing the street. The penthouse floor is set back and features a floating roof cornice that provides shade for a large balcony that wraps around the apartments. This receded floor also allows for the inclusion of large and generous balconies, which, when combined with the large glass façade, offer an amazing panoramic view of the city.

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