• Delta GalilCaesarea

    A building that is a fashion statement

    Delta Galil complex spans about 20,000 square meters. The building resembles fabric spools, one of which spreads out and connects to the logistics warehouse. At the top center of the building, a geometric dome floods all the office floors with natural light and connects the entire structure lengthwise.

    Delta Galil, an Israeli textile company founded in 1975, started out with two small sewing factories and over the years has become a world power, and is now one of the most important global players in the field of underwear manufacturing and design. The company's vision is based on innovation, quality and comfort. These principles guided us when designing the structure.

    Status: Completed 2016

    Scope: 20,000 sqm

    Services: Architecture

  • Delta Galil compound, located in the industrial area south of Caesarea next to a grove of Eucalyptus trees, brings together workers arriving daily office, a logistics warehouse and production lines. The green campus includes the global corporate headquarters, a logistics facility, a sewing factory with advanced technology, a design center in a spacious garden.

    The offices are placed in a circular manner along the large windows. Each floor has a kitchen and a balcony. The landscape changes from balcony to balcony, and floor to floor – overlooking the industrial area, the sea and the grove. The shading in the structure is carried out in two ways: first by overlapping the floors and the second, by oval shaped louvers that retain the open views.

  • The structure above the upper spool unfolds and creates a floating bridge leading into the logistics warehouse, wrapped in corrugated sheet metal. The warehouse contains thousands of crates placed by a sophisticated shelving system. Under the bridge, pathways curl around the structure and create green terraces and ponds that are connected directly to the dining room on the ground floor.

    The balance between the office building and the warehouse operations resulted in a precise storage space and an impressive and iconic office building. Together they function as a single unit that defines an innovative brand.