• Champion MotorsMeuyan Sorek Industrial Zone

    The extensive landscape design is inherent to the aesthetic and functional design of the building and creates vast opportunities for informal employees and visitor’s meetings and activities.

    The designed green hills are overlapping annexes of the ground floor, forming an external entrance valley or plaza which can be used as the company’s event place. Travelling through the hills reveals the building while generating an element of surprise. The hills’ topography enables a direct access to the open landscape from the first floor of the building.

    The Champion Motors head-quarters building is planned to be an integral part of the Champion Motors compound placed in “Meuyan Sorek” – a business district located in the center of Israel. The above ground levels of the building are designed for the activity of the company’s head-quarters and employees training campus while the underground levels will be used for a technical vehicles repairing center and parking spaces.

    Status: In Process

    Size: 22,500 sqm

    Services: Architecture

  •  A unique program for the ground level of the building combines a variety of vehicular and pedestrian movement routes, an entrance foyer atrium, employees’ training campus, a dining room open to an external entrance plaza and offices. The additional above ground levels of the building are used for offices.