• House KCentral Israel

    Unique combination of concrete and wood creates an eye catching modernist façade

    In a rural area in the center of Israel, lies a unique house:  at first look it doesn't appear residential, and it is difficult to guess what it's used for. The design is a concrete block, 9 meters high without visible openings. The north elevation facing the street and both side facades seem completely opaque and yet they are not alienated to their environment.

    The entire structure is covered with a uniform system of prefabricated exposed concrete panels, which are integrated with heavy wood Latticework - A reminder to the traditional oriental element – the eastern trellis (“mashrabia”). The combination of materials and distribution arrangements add warmth, and ease the rigid system.

    In HOUSE K the pre-cast concrete panels are used in the interior design, and dictate the rhythm and affect the scale. The same grid system that was used by the architect in the exterior to dismantle the cube mass, was also used for the interior design, as a guide for furniture layout and decorative objects. This idea goes all the way to the fine details up to the design of the book’s shelves. The unique appearance of the house, therefore, expresses locality, although it relies on seemingly contradictory sources. Combining the exposed concrete elements with the trellis wooden work, creates a unified and coherent language, and produces complexity. This combination of elements transcends beyond the contrasting and complementary nature of the materials, resolves the symbolic collision produced by the components, and therefore creating a unity between tradition Arab style and modernist building.

    Status: Completed 2010

    Size: 450 m2

    Services: Architecture, Interior Design

  • The house spans three floors, using the mezzanine floors near the staircase for a home office and a family corner. The furniture was carefully planned and made using size and materials that match the house exterior.